Lindsey, Live from Los Angeles

Bio: Graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles ~ UCLA. An artist first, I am working to overcome writer's block from seven fulfilling years of Academia song, dance, and hustle. Performance Art -- The struggle is real. It is a new year, and with it come new challenges & obstacles, yet unrevealed opportunities & treasures of creativity. I just want to do good in this world, bring happiness, peace & joy. I hope to bring that energy to every practice in my life. Writing, practicing, acting, meditating, teaching, learning, loving, and growing. There is reflection & then there is performance. I seek to do both. When I am at my greatest peace, I am sharing life with my Greatest Love & Partner in Crime. We get in to trouble, laugh, and love deeply. We travel, we sing, and we create. That is all two people in love can hope to do, sharing their life with one another. I hope to share those stories here, in this space. Cheers to 2017! Proost! Salud & may All that is Good Be with Ü.

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