Paradise Lament: Ode to my Lover

Here in the city, there is no peace.

Sirens wail and scream in emergency.

Crowded schoolyards burst with playful squeals and unruly delights.

A whistle calls children to order and settles their fights.

I alone, a solitary figure at the table,

look out into the beyond, and think after my Beloved.

What does he do now?

 Who does he look upon?

What keeps his heart alive in the spirit of my absence?

Truly, I miss my Corazón dearly.

I inhabit my half of the bed only,

while pages of books, journals, and crochet needles

occupy the space where my Lover’s body once lay.

A light keeps me company throughout the night,

varied in shade of green, red, blue, and white.

Through opaque doors and veiled panes,

a diaphanous glow illuminates empty halls and lonely walls.

Only thoughts of you bring me comfort, my dreams shadows of our shared reality.

The computer screen serves only as a temporal window into your world,

mine to the familiar of mundane small miracles.

Here the windows shake loose,

and the winter’s firm breeze collects in sacred palms of courtyard sanctuaries.

I do adore you.

If only I could think clearly when you are at my present side,

unabated by your sweet pungent aromas breathing in my mind,

swimming while blind.

Here the trees dance and sway,

taking in the days warmth,

knowing full well that the rains will come again soon.

When they do they cast gloom over sidewalks and city streets,

creating pools of reflection where none had been before.

You are not my reflection,

although you are reflected in my eyes, and I in yours.

A mirror holds two faces, but only one of them walks away,

the other to stay until the Soul returns another day.

My Kiss awaits your answer.

Immaculate Design of a Love Divine.



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