Love Song for the Lunar Moon: Alternate Dreams for Reparations

  1. Forever Spring in the Endless Dream of Heart’s Imagination.
  2. Starlight over Desert Night where Constellations call forth Sacred Vibrations of Magnetic Storm.
  3. Return to Forest’s Green where Tulip, Daisy, and Rose seed in synchronicity & sweet songs blossom.
  4. Sage, Lavender & herbal gardens where imperialist walls once stood, brick & mortar shells of paper wood.
  5. A Pear Tree planted in soils of a prison graveyard breathes new life into stolen bodies.
  6. A Goddess Love Divine on the pulpit and in the supine streets.
  7. Matrilineal heritage of state and nation that recognize & celebrate the full humanity of every Child with paternity embodied in equal support & compassion.
  8. Precious metals returned to Earth, toxic poison powders consumed only by those who reap rage.
  9. Winding River Waters flowing free from pristine aquifers unobstructed by dams, dikes, spoil, and levee.
  10. Indigo Silk & Crimson Ribbon sewn into the Soft Cotton thread of a young Girl’s Armor.
  11. Golden Sun that touches the Soul and sparks freckled joy on welcome Supple Skin.
  12. The Poet’s Song, the Artist’s Vision, and the Dreamer’s Passion realized in a world transformed in the Femme’ifestation of all that which is Desired in Conscious Waking Reality.
  13. A Woven Human Tapestry that weaves diverse community through tie-dye common thread within its chain, pulling stitch by stitch to reveal the patchwork Legacy outside Universal Time.

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