Winter Solstice Prayer

Riders in the Storm

Writers of the Orcas Constellation

with the wind at her fin.

the Doors & the LA Woman

share over coffee in a Los Angeles café.

Clouds over Sunset

Winter’s Solstice

Night Sky

Once blossoming

In shades of orange & magenta

are now overcast, dull & gray

Today the rains came

Over the San Gabrieleños mountains,

Bringing the cold & sharp sting

of human history and reality.

Now it has come full circle,

the beginning

and the end.

The return to that which is most natal by nature.

Plant your seeds in fertile soil

with the body of the Honey Bee

Forever young in its fruitful fur

and pollinated tongue.

Blessed is the Bee

for having made its final journey

to the ledge of my shrine to die.



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