Lois M. Lindsey-Henry

Dear Friends & Family,


It is with a sad, yet thankful heart that I write to you of my Grandmother Lois passing on July 9, 2016. As many of you know, my Grandmother was made of fierce will, an adventurous spirit, generous character, and a deeply compassionate soul. I was blessed to have traveled with her these past years, and it provides me with great comfort to know that many of you had the pleasure of making my Grandmother’s acquaintance. I documented much of our shared journeys through photographs, and lift up her memories to you to cherish in her absence.

I confess, my family & I are broken hearted by the passing of my Grandmother’s death. Her family had maintained eternal faith, hope & optimism for the quality of Lois’ life and health. We believed she would continue to flourish with age in the years ahead, celebrate birthdays, and cultivate extraordinary roses in her home garden. Let it be known, Lois Henry was a Miracle Worker and Wife, a Teacher and Healer, a Mother and a Master Gardener. This knowledge, faith & belief provides us with trust that Lois is renewed in the light of eternal peace and everlasting power.

We invite you to celebrate Lois Henry’s life with us on Saturday, July 30 at 1:00 p.m. at Rose Hills Memorial Chapel & Park. Services will be followed by a wake in Lois’ honor at the Arbor Road Church in Lakewood, California. Please call us at her home in Norwalk if you would like to leave any messages for Lois and her family, with any questions, and good will. Condolences, Respects, and Flowers can be forwarded to her home address shared below.

Lois Margaret lived a life of integrity, service, kindness, and professional excellence. She modeled talents of personal character, perseverance, generosity, and commitment to Family. I am honored to have grown in her Eden . To know her is to have been profoundly changed and made better by her humanity ~ Lois Margaret Lindsey Henry. We hope you too will share in the beautiful memories she documented over the course of herstory.

With Love,

Lindsey Anne Lee

12715 Benfield Norwalk CA 90650

Lois Margaret 26
Lois Lindsey
Grandma Lois Portland Rose
Lois Henry
Grandma Lois 6
Grandma Lois & Lindsey
Lois Portrait copy
Lois Margaret
Lois Graduation
UCLA Alumni class of 1952
Lois 9
Lois 1st Birthday

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