Lavender Commencement at UCLA 2016

I am beyond to participate in the UCLA Lavender Graduation 2016 this Saturday June 11, 2016 in collaboration with the UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center. This ceremony celebrates the diversity of our collective student body, the unique experiences & challenges each one of us has faced & overcome, and the dreams we have manifested on this campus, in this nation, and around the world. It is a new day because of our hard work & commitment to excellence & equality.
The #LavenderGraduation carries particularly significant meaning for me, not simply because we saw #MarriageEquality sweep across America like a beautiful bright rainbow, but it also remembers the people we have lost over the years to illness, disease, violence, and hatred. We are living in an America that mirrors two distinct realities, manufactures contradictions of character. It distorts our collective constitution entailing EVERYONE to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. A Right & Respect to the Dignity & Character of Life.
Intimately, we know that this is a dream ~ an American Dream perhaps, but one that has not been fully realized. Ignorance, misunderstanding, discrimination, and state terrorism hold us back from realizing America’s full potential. Define Democracy ~ if it does not include the voice of every Citizen, if it does not include the nation’s multifaceted reflection & experience, then it is a false distinction; A hypocrisy, and an illusion.
2016 is the year we will turn this train around, stop it in its tracks, dismantle & deconstruct it until we have built something completely different & unique. Something no one person could have ever imagined.
I hope to see you there. #UCLAPride #UCLAOptimists #BruinStrong #BruinPride

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